Red Mulch


The price listed is per 1 yard of material.

The price listed is per 6 yards of material.

Dyed Mulch Disclaimer: Please allow 24- 48 hours of drying time when installing Dyed Mulches.  Drying occurs after the Dyed Mulches are installed at the recommended depth (2″-3″ inches).  Once they are laid out the dye is then able to set into the mulch. 
If Dyed Mulches are installed during or just before it rains the dye WILL be effected.  Typically, if you laid the mulch on thick enough, a simple raking/fluffing of the mulch will mix faded and un-faded chips and might remedy the faded color look.  In extremely heavy rain storms fading will be very noticeable.  Please keep an eye on the forecast when ordering your mulch.
This only effects Dyed Mulches.  Please do not hesitate to ask us about this when you are placing your order.

Our premium and long-lasting dyed Red Mulch is made from shredded wood products. It is an excellent choice for use in landscaping when a vibrant color contrast is desired.

This mulch has strong reddish tones adding rich color to landscapes.

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